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This year’s edition is about “Leverating Technology for a Better Tomorrow”, therefore, this celebration will be a chance to connect brilliant minds, inspire innovation and bring a world of opportunities. IEEE Sudan will host a Humanitarian activity to collect donations and cloth for winter to those who are in need and refugees, and will make a collaboration with a local charity to distribute the cloth and winter supplies properly.IEEE day is not all about technology but you will be able to enjoy great music, have fun and spend some great time with us through our various activities; there will be a : -karaoke contest -teambuilding games - competitions and gifts for winners -fundraising for the benefit of the open library… IEEE student branch of SLIIT is celebrating the IEEEday 2016 on 5th of October 2016 at the mini-auditorium, SLIIT, Malabe, Sri Lanka.Mission: ــــــــــــــــ Creating a professional environment to develop the students through providing: • A new events and activities to El-Shorouk Academy.• Non technical sessions to enhance the personal skills for all students.

IEEE Day 2016 is the 7th edition of the same and will be celebrated on 4th October 2016. Chess competition Also : Project Exhibition RSVP: Abstract Plant names have the potential to act as a standardized metadata system for ordering and accessing all the biological information about plants that is increasingly being collected, stored, searched, retrieved and integrated through computers.• Technical sessions, events, workshops and competitions to advance the student`s scientific side.IEEE Day is a global event that's held every year to celebrate IEEE and its achievements.It is going to be about IEEE Day and there will be a lot of riddles which are technical or logical.Groups will compete with each other aganist time for finding the location where will be celebration area.

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