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He was known to frequent the Cove often and take advantage of many of the girls' hospitality. She wants to learn how to be a hostess." Ivanov took her outreached hand as she curtseyed with a demure smile. She not only wants to become a great hostess, she would like to try some film work and become a starlet." Her smile was bigger and brighter than the first girl and her curtsey was even deeper.Ivanov took her hand and commented, "Perhaps we can make a film together one day Ms.Her hands firmly grasped Ivanov's shoulders and before he could react, her knee was firmly planted in his groin. Ivanov let out a deep grunting breath and stumbled backwards a couple of steps.

Ivanov stood quickly and shuffled to the front of the first girl that Kenzie introduced.

Kenzie Carson was in charge of the escorts and actresses.

The first two "girls" had shy smiles on their faces while the third seemed distant and lethargic.

She avoided any deep indoctrination training and to her sisters' chagrin, was always kind to the residents.

Belinda and Katharine were assigned the duties of makeup and dress training for all the new recruits which the older Karlsons accepted as a necessary part of the Cove's process.

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