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Facebook is trialling a new Messenger Kids app in the United States.The standalone app is aimed at under-13s, who aren't currently eligible for a normal Facebook account.But as with all websites and apps, this one will be fallible.

For now the Facebook Messenger Kids app features no ads, in-app purchases or sharing of data with other apps on the same device.

The Facebook app is an interesting innovation in the social media space precisely because it promotes learning about and using social media together with kids.

The focus is on developing online skills by supporting communication with known relatives and friends, because kids can only connect with parent-approved contacts.

As leading kids and tech commentator Anne Collier has written, the most significant thing about the app is that while it has plenty of parental controls built into it, the app itself is not actually a parental control tool.

Evidence already exists to show that social media can be good for mental health, building friendships, and resilience.

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