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As a study from 2012 shows, a “historically unprecedented number of single Americans are now turning to the Internet to find love.” Of the 5,481 US singles and 1,095 married people between 21 and 65 that participated, a third of the singles had dated someone they met online, while more singles (20%) met their most recent first date online than in a bar (7%).Considering its increasing prevalence, it’s surprising that there are still so few online dating romances on film.The show is also about daters who have established long-term relationships exclusively online, something most would be wary of.Sam Yagan, co-founder and CEO of OKCupid – which has 3.5 million active users – is skeptical of the veracity of shows like superfans Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger, the film plays a crucial part in society’s acceptance of online dating, and as Weber argues in the pair’s collaborative discussion piece on How About, Ephron “really helped usher in [the] online dating revolution” with , making the phenomenon of online dating “socially acceptable” – and even glamorous.“Everything is obviously exaggerated in Hollywood,” Shannon Smith, Advertising and PR Coordinator at dating site Plenty Of, told me. That said, popular culture will gravitate towards the more sensationalized stories over the day-to-day lives of the millions of POF users,” and other virtual daters “creating great experiences” in real life.

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But the TV series mainly glosses over the psychological complexities of its scammers, and since it aims to omit daters honest about their identity, its focus is narrow.

An OKCupid user in his 20s described the representation of online dating in “as the refuse of desperate neckbeards and sexual predators masquerading as someone else,” yet what he values most about online dating is its transparency.

“I like the fact that your intention is unambiguous,” he said. if someone speaks to you it means they don’t just think you’re friend material.” By poking fun at online dating, movies may, as a former online dater who met her fiancé on Zoosk told me, “show the funny side to online dating” – which can often have its own peculiar sense of humor – but most ultimately fail to capture the experience accurately.

A hundred years ago, Fisher said, when marriage was more “about children and a place in the community,” it wasn’t necessary to have the same interests. “Both of us have online dated and both of us didn’t meet our NY152s,” Weber added, with a chuckle.

Although it was a breakthrough for online dating in cinema, remains the most identifiable, and adored, film about virtual romance, online dating culture has changed extraordinarily in the 15 years since its release.

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