Kiera knightley dating

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Even unconventionally beautiful actresses (think: Halle Berry) have managed to wow audiences with their performances.However, not all Hollywood hotties have managed to bring the two attributes together.Judging from Rihanna’s first few movies, it looks like Hollywood has got yet another pop star/hotbod who cannot act at all.Rose Mc Gowan and Drew Barrymore (apart from a couple of roles here and there) have not done much more in their careers than pout and flutter their pretty eyelashes.

Flash that smile of yours at media events Sarah, you simply do not have the range and versatility to make it big in Hollywood.

She did manage to show some spark as ‘Silk Spectre II’ in ‘Watchmen’ – but followed that up with turkeys like ‘Couples Retreat’ and ‘Wanderlust’.

Judging from her expressionless, wooden performances – we can state with confidence that she should have stuck with her musical career.

Not taking a hint from the criticism directed at her performance, Beyonce went ahead to do forgettable flicks like ‘The Pink Panther’ (at least it has some fans!

), ‘Dreamgirls’ and ‘Obsessed’ (the last one being an absolute howler).

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