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Finally cat takes her flip flops off so that you can enjoy this beautiful red heads feet. She was wearing underwear and walking around bare foot.

Cat has an amazing body and feet Description: I met Cat a few months ago during a real model shoot. After we talked and picked out some clothing for the shoot, she asked me what should she wear.

She flexes her toes and crunches her soles while she talks to you about sniffing her stockings.

Finally she strips the stocking off and put her bare feet in your're face. For all you stocking lover, this is must see set Description: Its Jamie's day off from work and she is at home cleaning her house. You get to see her size 6.5 feet close up and personal while she walks around cleaning.

I can't wait to go out dancing and come back to worship these sexy feet.

Get up close and personal with her soles and toes in this set.

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I shot her bare foot wearing panties and a T shirt. Check out her high arches and how her soles wrinkle when she crunches her toes. You get 69 pictures and 1 HD video for this set Description: Cat is a sexy red head from Philadelphia with size 8.5 feet.

At that point she didn't seem interested in showing her feet. we got back in contact with each other and she invited me to her house to shoot her feet. I told her that and she jumped on the bed and I took these first pictures and video of her feet. This set has 69 pictures and 1 HD video Description: Jamie comes home from a long day at the gym.

She arrives home to make something to eat and drink.

She is sitting in her living room and you are at her feet.

She takes her shoes off and then puts her stocking feet in your face.

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