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The Chicago Stars series is what caught my attention all those years ago though.

I think I read my first one right after Craig retired from the NFL. she mentioned her new book that I didn't know existed.

This book was about two people, Lucy and Gabe, who met, fell in love and then parted ways, somewhat abruptly when Gabe decided he just HAD to go live across the world in order to focus on his work. And yet she plays with fire while her sweet husband is oblivious.

(#hesjustnotthatintoyou) This is where things start to make me squirm. I won't tell you much more but things get incredibly complicated and although it is a great story and very well written and engaging, her choices just bothered me the whole way through.

So if you're wanting to try out a Higgins novel, start with If You Only Knew and then move on to On Second Thought. ) Faith moves away out of sheer embarrassment after she was stood up at the altar, but after a few years, she moves back.

And then they meet their total opposite and fall in love. If you want to give one a try, start with the Chicago Stars Series Book #1 (here), It Had To Be You. When her family finds themselves in money troubles, rich handsome man proposes... Beau drops a bomb on poor Janey out of the blue one day.

Little Fires Everywhere was much deeper than my normal, light chick-lit books but not dark like the psychological thrillers I love so much either. She reads it herself and it's just so much funnier to hear her tell her story in her own voice.) Balancing in Heels by Kristin Cavallari.

(#goals) For quiet time lately, I've been reading Confessions of a Good Christian Girl.

I've read 6 Kristan Higgins books now and all have been amazing!

(My all-time favorites of hers though are still the first and second books I read from her.

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