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And set of emails voluntarily stored by you on "cloud" provider (is not this stupid ?

) is the place over which you've absolutely no control (and as such ) . The ability to listen to your phone calls in most cases is immaterial.

But we now need to understand that Yahoo, Microsoft and Google are no different.

That mean the diversification (including diversification of search engines) is now a duty of concerned Internet users.

Typically those guys who suspect that their phones are listened behave more carefully (putting a cell phone into a metal box completely disables the communication with the tower, If box has a foam lining it pretty much disable sound too -- both those materials are cheap and widely available).

The same is true about your usage of internet, but here situation is a little bit more complex because there is no guarantee that after Snowden revelation people do not try to distort their browsing provide, It is pretty easy to do using any programmable keyboard, or scripting language and Expect-like module.

IMHO First of all you deprive yourself from the possibility to learn strong and weak point of different search engines.

The second Google stores all searches, possibly indefinitely, so you potentially expose yourself to a larger extent by using a single provider.

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