Net bindingsource not updating

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This is useful because controls bound to the Binding Source will then automatically update as the data source values change.

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Private Sub New() customer Name Value = "Customer" phone Number Value = "(312)555-0100" End Sub ' This is the public factory method.

It also shows how the Binding Source automatically passes a data source change to a bound control when the Binding Source is bound to a list of the INotify Property Changed type.

namespace Test Notify Property Changed CS Imports System Imports System.

Add(Me.change Item Btn) ' Set up the Data Grid View. Private Sub Notify Property Changed( Optional By Val property Name As String = Nothing) Raise Event Property Changed(Me, New Property Changed Event Args(property Name)) End Sub ' The constructor is private to enforce the factory pattern.

' The Caller Member Name attribute that is applied to the optional property Name ' parameter causes the property name of the caller to be substituted as an argument.

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