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It was about a BI saying that Harvey pushed Vikander into a showmance with Fassbender to further her career/ name recognition, but neither of them was really into it and Fassy was actually crushing on Marion Cotillard.Sounds perfectly plausible, and obviously, Harvey was behind Vikander's rise.It's already three years following her broken relations, but this lady has once explained the actual reason for the breakup.

So who or what is really behind her Hollywood career? There was at least one whole thread about this here recently.

No matter how talented, no way would she be all over Hollywood like this without someone in the background.

If Pacino promoted her, Chastain fucked him but I still think she's a lesbian. Salome was terrible but I've liked other things she's done. I have no idea who Vikander is but from the number of films she's gotten recently, I'm about to find out.

Nevertheless, the duo was enjoying their dating and connection in the film, though, in real life, the two hadn’t been info each other.

Although the love sparked between Nicole and her co-star Michael following the completion of the film and when the couple was promoting the movie.

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