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Mozart (1756–1791) wrote his piano music for instruments of about five octaves.The piano works of Beethoven (1770–1827) reflect a gradually expanding range; his last piano compositions are for an instrument of about six octaves.The latter publication was perhaps the triggering event in the spread of the fortepiano to German-speaking countries (see below).Cristofori's instrument spread at first quite slowly, probably because, being more elaborate and harder to build than a harpsichord, it was very expensive.It appears that the fortepiano did not achieve full popularity until the 1760s, from which time the first records of public performances on the instrument are dated, and when music described as being for the fortepiano was first widely published.It was Gottfried Silbermann who brought the construction of fortepianos to the German-speaking nations.The first reliable record of a piano appears in the inventory of the Medici family (who were Cristofori's patrons), dated 1700.

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Certainly there could have been no commercial market for fortepiano music while the instrument continued to be an exotic specimen.The action and hammers are lighter, giving rise to a much lighter touch, which in well-constructed fortepianos is also very responsive.The range of the fortepiano was about four octaves at the time of its invention and gradually increased.The fortepiano has leather-covered hammers and thin, harpsichord-like strings.It has a much lighter case construction than the modern piano and, except for later examples of the early nineteenth century (already evolving towards the modern piano), it has no metal frame or bracing.

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