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So far as possible, the principle adopted has been, not to follow all the letters alphabetically through such a word, but to place first any word appended but not joined to the leading word, and then the compounds: e.g. iv PREFACE The Glossary prefixed to the Index has been compiled by Mr. Where it seemed desir- able to give further information than the brief definition in the Glossary, a reference has been added to the volume and page of the Gazetteer at which a fuller explanation will be found.

The different senses in which the same term is sometimes used in different parts of India, or in different connexions, have been distinguished.

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A comprehensive account of India under the Mughal emperor Akbar, compiled in 1590 by Abul Fazl. A sheet worn as a shawl by men, and sometimes by women. (i) A subdivision of territory under native rule; (2) the prostitutes' quarter in a town. A common thorny tree, the bark of which is used for tanning, Acacia arabica. Formerly the name of a kind of fine calico ; now used for silk fabrics. A weed which spreads in dry weather and hinders cultivation, Phichea lanceolata. The bulrush millet, a common food-grain, Penniseium typhoideum ; syn.

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