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In Waves, however, it emerged that Bo had deliberately aligned herself with the Dark so that she could find her way back to the Death Train and save Rainer from it.

They informed Bo that they knew nothing of her origins and that the only trace they had of her past was a baby photo of her with the name "Bo" written on the back.

Angered, she ran away from home, creating different identifications in order to escape detection, not only fearing that she was being sought for Kyle's murder, but fleeing after killing a sex-partner.

In the show's first episode, It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World, Bo is seen working as a bartender at a hotel bar.

Apprehensive and heartbroken, Bo agreed to a separation.

In Turn to Stone, Bo is informed by The Keeper of The Una Mens that her blood had chosen a side and it was Dark Fae.

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