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I told Xiangzai to stay put and went alone to meet Mother. When he saw Mother surrounded by the plainclothes policemen, his face turned ashen white.

Because it was dark, I couldn’t see that she was shooting warning glances to me and rushed to greet her. The officers wanted to take us away immediately, but I protested, “We are hungry.

As soon as we were interrogated, the game would be over. Of course, we should have left Shanghai right away.

The escape had given us our strength back, and we felt no fatigue despite not having slept. It was already late, and the restaurant was otherwise empty. “We plan to go to India via Tibet and then make our way to Hong Kong and find Uncle Lu,” I replied.

From a general store on Baoshan Road, I made an operator-assisted telephone call to Mother and asked her to meet us at the North Station. We had to speak quietly and make our decisions quickly. Mother said it was a long journey, that our chances of success were slim, and hesitated whether or not to help us.

When the team leader blew his whistle for the morning assembly, we exited the barrack first, turned to the rear of it, picked up our knapsacks, and ran as fast as our legs would carry us.

It took us two minutes to reach the farm’s tobacco-curing house.

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