Who is dating paul walker

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Later, Bernardo's first girlfriend Nadine Brammer abandoned him for one of his friends, having become tired of Bernardo's controlling behavior, and Bernardo retaliated by incinerating all things that Brammer had given to him.After graduating from Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute, Bernardo was employed by the American company Amway, whose polemic sales culture deeply influenced him.On May of that year, Bernardo raped two women and attempted another rape in July.In October, Bernardo and Homolka met in a hotel's restaurant.

Homolka got a part-time job at a veterinary clinic while she was in high school, and after graduating in 1988, she was hired by Thorold Veterinary Clinic as a full-time veterinary technician.

They were instantly attracted to each other and had sex that same night, with their friends present.

From then on Bernardo would drive to see Homolka twice a week, and slowly came to control her whole life, deciding how she should dress, style, eat and believe. Unlike his previous girlfriends, Homolka easily submitted to and encouraged his sexual behavior, writing his indications on a "self-improvement list".

He spied on her and hatched a plan to rape her with Homolka's assistance, who would also make sure that Tammy remained a virgin until that moment.

A first attempt during a summer trip, in July 24, involved Homolka lacing her sister's meal with Valium stolen from her workplace, but Tammy woke up after one minute, before Bernardo could rape her.

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